June 26, 2019

Summer is a busy time for the Reanimate Collective!

New Staff
Thanks to the support from University of Oregon and Salem State University, we were able to hire two editorial assistants, Laura Strait and Emil Gil, who are helping us prepare a digital edition of Fredi Washington’s columns from The People’s Voice, a weekly newspaper founded by Adam Clayton Powell in 1942 in Harlem.

fredi says..
With the help from our newest editorial assistants, we’ll be ready to debut fredi says.., our edition of Fredi Washington’s People’s Voice columns, at the ACH2019 conference in Pittsburgh later this month. We’re also thrilled that Laurie Avant Woodard, who is currently writing the first biography of Washington, has agreed to write the scholar’s introduction for the edition.

Non-profit Status
Reanimate is also beginning the process of incorporating as a non-profit organization. After much deliberation and debate over the implications of institutionalizing the collective’s work, co-directors Roopika Risam and Carol Stabile recognized that this step is necessary to ensuring the financial vitality of Reanimate. We also appreciate the pro bono work of our legal counsel Monica Risam as we take this step.