April 16, 2019

Partners from the Reanimate Collective will be speaking on a roundtable at ACH2019! Join us on Friday,  July 26 at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center for “Reanimate: Recovering, Reviewing, and Redistributing Lost Intersectional Histories of Media.” Our speakers are: Carol Stabile, Gabriela Baeza Ventura, Adrian Driscoll, Sarah Kember, Trevor Muñoz, Roopika Risam, and Carolina Villarroel.

Additionally, Carol Stabile will be representing Reanimate during the “Scholarly Publishing with Manifold” demo session on Wednesday,  July 24. Our partners from Manifold Scholarship, University of Minnesota Press will also be offering the workshop “The Manifold Scholarship Platform” on Tuesday,  July 23rd.

The full conference schedule is available here.